Soft Kitty (Big Bang Theory)

Soft Kitty 65bpm

Soft Kitty 45bpm


Soft Kitty Ukulele Tab Chords – This song from the ‘Big Bang Theory’ TV programme has a very simple melody that fits in the first three frets of strings one and two of the Ukulele. By using left hand fingers one and three you should be able to play the melody without needing to move your hand up the neck. The F chord is very manageable – the Bb chord requires the left hand first finger to cover (barre) two strings. The last section of the tune has a change from the F chord to the C chord (left hand third finger on third fret on the first string) which should be fairly easy. Please check out the Easy Accompaniment version of this tune if this version is too challenging.

Soft Kitty Ukulele Tab Chords PDF


Soft Kitty (Melody and Chords) PDF

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