Blackbird (The Beatles)


Blackbird 65bpm Ukulele with Melody

Blackbird 65bpm Ukulele only

Blackbird 65bpm Melody only

Blackbird 40bpm Ukulele only

Blackbird The Beatles Ukulele Finger-picking – A version of McCartney’s Acoustic masterpiece from ‘The White Album’ 1968. Originally played on an acoustic guitar in ‘open’ G tuning (Strings tuned to the notes of a G chord – low to high D G D G B D) I have changed the key to C for Ukulele to enable the C string to provide the constant ‘drone’ that is so important in the guitar version.
In some places I have changed the C note to the 4th string in order to enable all notes of the chord to be included and also to help the notes ‘ring’ by spreading the notes across all the strings (Bar 11).

The are a few options for right hand finger-picking combinations. Perhaps the most effective would be index and middle fingers playing the two notes together and the thumb keeping the constant C note going. For the top two strings you could use middle and ring fingers together. Another option – not as exacting, would be to use the index finger to ‘brush’ the two notes together (upstroke towards the palm) and the thumb.

I have included the melody line in the audio as guide to the structure of the song.

Blackbird The Beatles Ukulele Finger-picking PDF’s

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Full Score with Music Notation of Melody and Ukulele and Ukulele Tab.
Blackbird (Uke+Melody)
Ukulele Tab only.
Blackbird (Uke Tab)

To watch Paul McCartney perform ‘Blackbird’ click here.

To buy ‘The White Album’ click here.

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