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The Passenger Ukulele Chords Iggy Pop 65bpm

The Passenger Ukulele Chords Iggy Pop 85bpm


Here a particularly shambolic video of ‘The Passenger’ with Iggy Pop and The Stooges from 1977.

The Passenger Ukulele Chords Iggy Pop – There is something really pleasing about this chord sequence! For a start it is fairly simple – perhaps the E7 chord at the end is the only chord new to you. The combination of the rhythm and the chords make it quite recognisable from the start.
Rhythm – perhaps the most challenging factor if you are new to Uke is the strumming. A ‘bar’ of music – commonly splits into beats ‘1 2 3 4’ this can be further split into 8 beats ‘1+2+3+4+’ – with down strums (towards the floor) on beats ‘1 2 3 4’ and up strums on the ‘+’s between the main beats.
The strum pattern for this song starts with an up strum after the first beat followed by a down then up.
The same pattern is repeated after the third beat.
When first practicing it may help to sound the first and thirds beat by tapping your foot. Alternatively – you might want to play a muted stroke – in this case a downstroke with your left hand flat over the fretboard covering the strings so as to produce a ‘chunk’ (rhythmic sound) rather than a chord.
Listen and play along with the audio to get the idea. Instructional video to follow.

Watch and play along to this video which includes on screen lyrics.

Buy the album ‘Lust for Life’ here.

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