Silent Night

 Silent Night Ukulele Melody

Silent Night Ukulele is a very accessible melody on Ukulele if played in the key of C major as it uses notes which

can be played on ‘open’ (un-fretted by the left hand) strings. This gives the piece a very attractive ‘bell-like’ feel

fitting for the  festive season.

When not played across open strings the melody is mainly confined to the A string (nearest the floor). In Bar 18

of the tune the melody reaches its highest point at fret 8.


The Harmony Part follows the same rhythm as the melody and mostly uses note contained in the first three frets on the three strings nearest the floor. Only in Bar 18 does the part extend to fret 5 on the A string.


A picked Chordal Accompaniment uses a repeating right hand finger pattern and the chords C C7 F G7. For this arrangement the F chord is played with the 3rd fret on the first string held down.


A very simple one note per bar Bass Part finishes of the arrangement.


 To find out more about ‘Silent Night’ click here.

Silent Night Arrangement for Ukulele Orchestra 

Full arrangement available for 0.99 GBP 

This contains a Melody/Harmony/Accompaniment part for Ukuleles and a Bass part for a Bass Ukulele tune EADG or a regular Bass Guitar. Alternatively play on the bottom strings of an ordinary guitar.

You will receive a Full Score with all the parts in Music and Tab notation and each individual part in PDF form.



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