Tequila The Champs Ukulele


 Tequila The Champs Ukulele


Tequila The Champs Ukulele is based on ‘Tequila’ a 1958 Latin-flavored rock and roll instrumental recorded by the Champs. It is based on a Cuban mambo beat. The word “Tequila” is spoken three times throughout the tune. “Tequila” became a #1 hit on both the pop and R&B charts at the time of its release and continues to be strongly referenced in pop culture to this day.


The melody is quite simple on the Ukulele – mostly on the A string (string nearest the ground). The main rhythm part is a repeating four bar phrase – the end of the fourth bar is different to the end of the

second bar due to the C chord coming in earlier. I have written in a strumming pattern as this has an affect on how the rhythm sounds/feels. Downstrokes are on the main beats (1 2 3 4) and Upstrokes are on the ‘ands’ (+) in-between these main beats (sometimes referred to as the off beats). The only chord that may be new to you is the D diminished chord. This could require practice if not played before but it is well worth learning as it can come up in the more interesting of tunes/songs.

 To find out more about ‘Tequila by the Champs click here.

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The Bass part is written for Bass Ukulele tuned E A D G (low to high) or Bass Guitar. Alternatively this part can be played on the bottom strings of an ordinary Guitar. The first sequence of the part is an octave riff at frets 5 to 7. The second part of the tune is a ‘walking’ bass part.

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