Romanza/Spanish Romance – Trad (E minor)

Romanza Spanish Romance Ukulele Tab – Key of E minor. This is a second version of Romanza – this time – instead of being based on the Guitar Tab of the best known Guitar arrangement – I’ve written it in the original key (E minor) which gives us a different range of chord shapes.

It is apparent from the start that this arrangement sounds a little different due to the uke’s tuning. The E minor chord and arpeggio of the first 6 bars moves across all four strings – some accompaniment notes are higher in pitch than the main melody. In my mind – this gives the piece a new ‘uke’ sound.

Please see Romanza (A minor) for right hand fingering advice.

Bar 9 – the melody goes to the fourth string – then with a stretch of the 4th finger goes to the 1st string.

Bar 15 – right hand finger pattern changes.

Bar 19 uses a couple of open strings to help the chord change. Look at the fingering on the tab to work out the best way to play.

Bar 23 – Again – right hand finger pattern changes.

Bars 30-31 – Use the shape at the end of bar 30 to slide up to fret 7 – remember that the melody note is now on the fourth string. The open second string (bar 31) gives an opportunity to move back down the neck to first position.

Try both the A minor and E minor arrangements of this tune and compare sound and playability. If you are a Guitarist – try the original version on Guitar and then the Ukulele E minor version.

If you know a Guitarist – why not play this tune as a duo? I’ll include a PDF of the Guitar version.

Romanza Spanish Romance Ukulele (E minor) PDF’s


Music Notation and Tab
Romanza (Uke) Em

Tab only
Romanza (Uke Tab) Em

Guitar (Music Notation and Tab)
Romanza (Guitar)

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