Vivaldi for Ukulele


 Vivaldi for Ukulele


This is the 2nd movement (Largo) from Vivaldi’s Guitar Concerto in D major. The full concerto consists of ‘Allegro Giusto’, ‘Largo’ and ‘Allegro’. Originally written for Lute, two Violins and Basso Continuo this concerto has now become very popular for Classical Guitar, Strings and Continuo. 


This arrangement consists of a solo Ukulele part, two further Ukulele accompaniment parts and a Bass part. The Bass part can be played on Bass Ukulele tuned E A D G (low to high) or Bass Guitar. Alternatively this part can be played on the bottom strings of an ordinary Guitar.  As ‘Largo’ is the slow movement of a concerto the solo line is accessible for most intermediate Ukulele players. There are a couple of points requiring more technical application. Bar 20 has a stretch between frets 9 and 4 with a pedal note on the 7th on the second string and would benefit alternating right hand fingers to achieve the semiquavers that a written. Bar 21 is similar. Semiquavers feature in Bars 31 and 32 with the addition of a ‘pull-off’ on Beats 1 and 3.


I have left out markings for trills and ornaments on the solo part normally used to suggest the interpretation of Baroque Music. If interested you ca click on the link at the bottom of the page.


The accompaniment parts are fairly easy. Part One requires two notes to be played together mainly on strings 1 and 2 (A and E) although there is a change to strings 2 and 3 (E and C) at Bar 13. Part Two is played one string at a time and is confined to going no higher that fret 5.

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You will receive a complete score and individual parts in PDF form plus an audio backing track for solo part by email.

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