Everything is Awesome (Lego Movie)

Everything is Awesome 88bpm

Everything is Awesome 60bpm


Everything is Awesome Lego Movie Ukulele Tab Chords – the annoyingly catchy main song from ‘The Lego Movie’ (2014). The melody of this tune is mostly fretted at the 1st and 3rd frets of the first and second strings – the  exception is the notes over the Db chord in which they move up to 4th fret for one bar.

The main challenge of the melody is the rhythm – although if you can sing the words it should be easy to convert that into notes.

Chords – In the Key of F – the F C and Dm chords are easy enough – Bb I have put down a three string version which avoids having to ‘barre’ the first two strings with the first finger. This same shape can be slid up to the 4th fret to play Db.


Everything is Awesome Lego Movie Ukulele Tab Chords PDF


Everything is Awesome PDF

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