Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)

Radioactive 68bpm


Radioactive Imagine Dragons Ukulele Chords Tab – Melody and chord arrangement of this great tune. The fingerpicking intro fits really well  on the Ukulele and features the basic chords arpeggiated  with added melody notes.

Melody wise the notes are mainly on the first string and do reach up to the 12 fret. On a Soprano or Concert Uke the stretch should be manageable. Bar 13 in the ‘Pre-Chorus’ is a good example of the versatility of the Ukulele – instead of having to reach back to 3rd fret second string to play a G note – I’ve tabbed the note on the open fourth string. I’ve included the words to help with playing the rhythm of the melody.

Chords are straight forward and repeat the same sequence all the way through until the Bridge section – where the C chord changes to a Cmaj7 to fit in with the melody.

Radioactive Imagine Dragons Ukulele Chords Tab PDF


Radioactive PDF

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