How to read ‘Chord Boxes’


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 How to Read Chord Boxes

Chords are when several strings/notes are played together. Chord Boxes are a way of showing you where to put your fingers in the form of a picture. The strings are the lines up and down and the frets are 

the lines across the page. 


When we say – put your

finger at fret 2 – what we actually mean is to put your finger in the second space between fret 1 and 2.

C‘ is the name of the chord – short for ‘C Major‘. Another type of chord is a minor chord – this would have a letter and a small ‘m’ beside it. A ‘seventh’ chord would have a number 7 beside it.

The zeros O mean that the string is played ‘open’ –  strummed with the right hand using no left hand fingers to hold down notes.

This dot is where to put your left hand finger. The number 3 means to use your ‘ring finger’ (between you middle and little finger). A number 1 would mean using your index (pointing) finger. The left hand thumb is not used to play any notes.


1st string is the one nearest the floor when holding the Ukulele in the playing position.




4th string is the one nearest your nose when holding the Ukulele in the playing position.

Fret 1

Fret 2

Fret 3

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