Ukulele Lessons Edinburgh 21 March (Adult)


Ukulele Classes Edinburgh 21 March (Adult)

Ukulele Classes Edinburgh 21 March (Adult)

Beginners class 7-8pm
Improvers class 8-9.15pm
Numbers are limited so upfront payment is required to secure a place.
6 Week Course – £48.50 (Beginners or Improvers)
Course includes access to new materials on the website and a ‘Jam Session’ at ‘Leith Depot’
Be quick!

Class Observation Report from Edinburgh Council

“Fantastic class and learning environment with a very supportive and dynamic tutor. Range or students of different ages, abilities, nationalities all progressing and playing individually and together”

“Everyone made to feel welcome as they arrived”

“Relaxed, friendly atmosphere and good chat and banter between tutor and students. Tutor knows all student names. Tutor using different methods to accommodate different styles and abilities chords, melodies, harmonies, strumming so everyone able to challenge themselves and make progress”

“Tutor produced and making use of variety of resources for students. Included sheet music/tabs and music backing tracks. Tutor also used own website where students can access resources for further practice out-with class, and making use of laptop and projector in class. Variety of printed sheets on hand to help get basics, supported by using colour coded sticky dots for building chords. All created a really safe, fun, mentoring environment for students”

“Class is a great learning experience for students. Tutor is very attentive to needs of students, able to listen and identify any problems individual students are having and offer support and guidance to help them progress and overcome problem. Tutor is mobile around class making sure everyone is able to understand what they are doing, and can slow things right down to make sure everyone is able to keep up and progress to succeed. Additional activities available to students through planned uke jams giving them an ideal opportunity to demonstrate their achievements and learning. Tutor also was able to record students playing as a group and play it back so they could hear themselves”


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