London Bridge is Falling Down

London Bridge is Falling Down 68bpm


London Bridge is Falling Down Ukulele chords tab – Probably one of the first tunes you should learn on the Uke. The chords are very simple (F and C) and changing between them shouldn’t be too difficult.

The melody is fairly simple t00 – contained on two strings.  The first note on the 3rd fret (‘Lon’ of London) is probably best played with the first finger of the left hand (index – ‘pointy’ finger) – this allows for the next note on the 5th fret to be played  with the 3rd finger of the left hand. After playing the 3rd fret again – slide the first finger down to the 1st fret so as fingers 1 and 3 can fret the melody notes on both strings (which are all at frets 1 and 3).

London Bridge is Falling Down PDF


London Bridge (Uke)

To learning the meaning of this song watch this.

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