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Pack Up 100bpm

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Pack Up Eliza Doolittle Ukulele Chords Tab – Another fantastic arrangement from contributor Elisabeth Cowe. With a full backing track including Bass/Drums and percussion this track is great fun to play along to. The original recorded speed is 136bpm – here I’ve slowed things down to 100bpm for easy of learning.

The second Ukulele part is optional and only plays in the intro and the outro. It is worth taking the time to learn though because the slides (playing the note then sliding up to the fret without picking it again) add a lot to the song.

Chords – a couple of interesting chords here although the song is mainly C to Dm. Bar 24 has a Gb Diminished chord – don’t be afraid – the shape is a bit like a G7 shape slide up one fret with a note added on the 4th string on the 2nd fret. It will impress your friends if nothing else! The last bar of the song moves towards ‘Jazz Chord’ territory with a Db6 to C6. This sounds complicated but in reality – on the uke this can be played by barring all the strings at the first fret (Db) then by playing all the open strings resulting in a C6 chord.

All in all well worth the work! Enjoy!

Pack Up Eliza Doolittle Ukulele Chords Tab PDF


Pack Up PDF

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